Things To See

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Blue Cave

This famous cave on the island of Biševo is the most popular attraction in the area. When the sea is calm, the fracture and reflection of sun rays from the sea bottom create an impressive light effects of unique blueness. You can go through the cave entrance with a small rowing boat.


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Stiniva Bay

This is a popular bay on the southern part of the island. It is known for a beautiful isolated small beach, enclosed by two high rocky cliffs. You can reach it from the sea through a narrow passage, or by foot as there is no road leading to it. Be warned: descent to the beach lasts about 15 minutes.


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Zaglav beach

Zaglav, another popular beach here, is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. It is covered in very light and glistening sand, which gets overheated under the strong sunlight. The beach is blessed with the western current of cool sea that brings the enjoyable feeling.


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King George III Fortress

The local people call this fortress “Fortica”. It is a short and oblong fortress with sloping walls over the entrance to the port of Vis, which was surrounded by a moat. The fortress was built in 1812 by the English commander of Vis and named after the English king George III.


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Srebrna Bay

Srebrna is a pebbly beach with clear water, easy access and plenty of shades. This makes it great for families with young children. There is a car park only 5 minutes walk from the beach. There are also snack bar, toilets and a supermarket not far away. You can also sit under the trees and have a picnic.